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Without Consent by Jim Clemente - Paperback

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Tony Dante is on a winning streak. His perfect conviction rate has earned him a reputation as a talented young prosecutor on the rise in New York’s crime-ridden Bronx County. But a dark secret he’s hiding may destroy it all when Dante takes on a disturbing case with a link to his troubled past. To tackle the toughest case of his life he’ll have to first conquer his greatest fears.



“Clemente reveals just how dark a Criminal Mind can get.” – Joe Mantegna, Criminal Minds

“Clemente launches a great new crime series… Tony Dante is as real as a crime fighter gets!” – Thomas Gibson, Criminal Minds


Tony Dante – My kinda protagonist
Jim Clemente writes a compelling, informative, and very compelling first novel. No doubt, it’s borrowed from his real life and real experiences as a teenager, a prosecutor, and later an FBI agent. If you like reading about the police, the law, the courtroom, good guys, and bad guys, this book has them all, with interesting and well-formed character development and drama throughout. Tony Dante, the book’s protagonist, is a cool character, but not perfect. To me, that makes him even cooler. I’d recommend this to young and old alike for its great storyline and inspirational elements too. – James R. Fitzgerald 

Without Consent is an unvarnished, gritty thriller that introduces us to the tough, but flawed prosecutor, Tony Dante.
This is a fantastic book by a great writer. It is suspenseful and the central character is multi-layered and intriguing. You can’t predict what is going to happen in this book which is the mark of great writing. It’s also a chance to go inside the very sick world of sexual predators and get some understanding of how they think and how difficult it is to catch and prosecute them. Tony Dante, the book’s main character, is a flawed and multi-layered hero who is struggling with his own demons while trying to help others. Clemente takes everyone inside the courtroom and gives a brutally realistic depiction of what often transpires in criminal court. I am looking forward to the next Tony Dante novel! –Allison Hope Weiner

Without Consent is a winner for Jim Clemente!
Jim Clemente, Criminal Minds writer and former FBI profiler, shines a light into some dark places in Without Consent, the first book of his new Tony Dante series. He speaks with authority and integrity, a man on a mission, an important mission to ask us to look at predators, images we might wish to turn away from, but the lives of the most vulnerable among us depend on our attention and vigilance. Children, who are at risk, have no greater advocate than Clemente, and readers, who like authentic stories that vibrate with truth, will find no better writer. – Merle Temple