About Co-Conspiracy

Located in West Hollywood, California, Co-Conspiracy Entertainment is a TV development and production company specializing in creating unique and compelling content. Whether developing and producing new formats through digital series, podcasting and print, or creating original concepts, we’re your source for binge-worthy series creative.

Past and current shows span genres including: science, history, mystery, big competition, and gameshows. Our style of diving deep into writing, research, casting, and creating formats has made us the “go to” for our production partners and networks. From epic formats to intimate character portraits, from true crime documentaries to warm and fuzzy animal stories…yeah, that was us.

Rob Cohen & Christine Roth

The creative development team of Rob Cohen and Christine Roth founded Co-Conspiracy Entertainment in 2012 after 13 years as development executives creating long running TV formats like Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell and developing the creative and pitch materials for the presentation, sale and launch of Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey cable network. As Vice President of Creative Services at Shine International, Cohen developed and sold The Face with Naomi Campbell (Oxygen). Cohen and Roth also developed Mad Fashion with Chris March (Bravo) and created, developed, wrote and produced two seasons of their makeover competition The Look: Allstars (Sinclair).

Rothco Press...Famous Last Words

When longtime unscripted producers Rob Cohen and Christine Roth launched their boutique television development shingle Co-Conspiracy Entertainment in 2013, they never dreamed that it would also compel them to become publishers…again.

“Getting back into publishing is about getting back to our roots.” says Cohen. Cohen and Roth published the L.A.-based literary magazine and coffeehouse staple Caffeine in the early and mid ’90’s. Though they published the likes of Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Dave Alvin and Pam Ward, Caffeine also nurtured an entire generation of writers and poets.

Rothco Press focuses on non-fiction works, memoirs and mysteries.