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Dutch 1800s "835 Silver" Watch Chain/ Chatelaine with 2 Watch Keys and 3 Seals

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1800s Dutch "835" Silver Chain/ Chatelaine with 2 Watch Keys and 3 Seals. It has been converted to a 6.5" bracelet. Could be worn as watch chain or Bracelet.

What is 835 Silver? Silver on its own, much like gold, is relatively soft and easily damaged. To get around this silver is mixed with other alloys containing metals like copper, zinc or tin. 800 Silver, also known as "Continental Silver", is silver alloy with 80% Silver and 20% other alloy. Compare this to 925 Silver aka "Sterling Silver", which is 92.5% Silver to 7.5% other alloy. 835 simply means 83.5% silver and 16.5% "Other".

Then, what's so great about 835 Silver? The style of the Silver can help verify the date and origin of an artifact. This style of silver was popular with the Dutch, Germans and Austrians in the 1800s. Because it was so prominent in Continental Europe, an artifact made from this style of silver is less likely to be of British origin, and very very unlikely to be made in the United States.

What Style is it? The heaviness of the chain and figure work (the little people) indicate Dutch circa early to mid 1800s. It likely started life as a longer Chatelaine or Watch Chain but was shortened to make it wearable as a bracelet in the 20th century. Similar examples of this style sell online for over $900 USD.