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Spellcaster by Patti Negri Dog Hoodie - Witch

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Invoke your pet's Witch power with Patti Negri's Power Spellcaster Dog Hoodie. With 5 sizes to choose from, so your pet can find the perfect fit. Featuring stain-resistant 100% Polyester, a Pentacle within a Rune Wheel and a Charging Spell for your Witch Power in rainbow colors!
From Patti Negri - Every time you go put this "Witch" hoodie on your pet, as you put it on, ake note of the rainbow of colors, the sigil ("Pentacle within a Rune Wheel") and the word ("Witch"). Visualize the power they give you and take three deep breaths.  Put it on your pet, go out and be the magick!  Your pet hoodie will be as powerful as you allow and believe it to be.  The sky’s the limit!  Go out and embrace life to its fullest! 
Instructions for charging spell:
This pet hoodie is powerful already – but here is a simple charging spell to truly make it YOUR very own magickal power hoodie when you first get it.
·       Hold the the pet hoodie in your hands
·       Relax your mind. Allow it to empty as best you can.
•.      Think about the word "Witch", the colors of the rainbow and your power "Pentacle within a Rune Wheel" sigil. 
·      Visualize your pride and power as a "Witch" and the magick in every thread
·      Think about your power and the magick you and your pet will have when your pet wears it.
·       Take Three deep breaths, pulling in that power with every breath
·       Thank the universe, your guides, and your higher power that YOU are the magick. 
Whisper to the universe what you want to happen when your pet wears it and say: “I charge this pet hoodie through the universal power of the five elements to bring their magick into my life.  As I will it, so mote it be!”
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