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Making Love to the 50 Foot Woman: Poems 1998-2015

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Rick Lupert’s seventeenth poetry collection, Making Love to the 50 Foot Woman, is the long awaited follow up to, and first full length collection, of Lupert’s non-travel-themed poetry since 1997’s I Am My Own Orange County. Lupert’s poetry exists at the intersections of the wise and the ridiculous, the spectacular and the mundane. The humor and deeper themes throughout his work will win over the generations of people who’ve come to regard poetry as an inaccessible literary art. These poems, written over the last two decades, have been widely published in dozens of journals, zines, and anthologies all over the world. They’re rooted in the every day Los Angeles experience and take you through, fatherhood, traffic, love, death, and the inevitable experience of finding a wrapped sausage on the sidewalk. You’ll learn how to kiss. You’ll meet the cutest leaf in the world. You’ll say goodbye to Pete Seeger and Robin Williams. You may even relive your own childhood. Get ready to make love to the fifty foot woman. Don’t wear anything complicated.