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Special Offer! - Keeper of Lost Places by Matthew Bruen - Signed Paperback

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Special Offer! - Get your copy of Keeper of Lost Places, signed by author Matthew Bruen, while supplies last!

Discover the Hidden Wonders of America.

Unearth the secrets of forgotten landscapes with Matthew Bruen as your guide. Keeper of Lost Places invites you on an extraordinary journey to ten captivating American locations, each brimming with history and mystery. Embark on an adventure to America's "Highway to Hell," where subterranean fires still rage. Explore the desolate Delaware River region, where only decaying structures whisper their tales. Dive into the enigma of Native American mound cities scattered across the Southeast, and that's just the beginning! Each chapter immerses you in the rich historical, economic, and cultural tapestries that led to the loss of these extraordinary places. Through on-the-ground investigations and intimate photography, you'll witness the haunting beauty of Minisink Valley, the eerie depths of Centralia, and the untamed allure of the Smoky Mountains, among others.  Keeper of Lost Places unveils the profound human connection to these vanishing landscapes, offering insight into how they were shaped and ultimately forsaken. Let go of fear and revulsion, open your hearts and minds, and become a Keeper of Lost Places today!