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Gold Filled Lorgnette with Retractible Lenses

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Gold Filled Lorgnette with sunrise motif and retractible lenses! A lorgnette is a pair of spectacles with a handle mount vs. frame that go over the ears. This attractive example, featuring Gold Fill with a sunrise etching, has retractible lenses for easy storage-and so you can easily whip them out and expand them with a dramatic flourish. They spring loaded. The lenses are strong and have seen better days. If you are a wearer of spectacles or even reading glasses and have a flair costume drama, these are the opticals for you. 

Lorgnettes were worn ladies and some gentleman from the late 1700s to the 1930s. They were often worn around the neck as pendants on long chains. This Gold Filled Lorgnette dates from the turn of the last century.

For more on Lorgnettes check out this article from the Indiana University