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Chinatown Blues by Frank Lauria - Paperback

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Max LeBlue is a ghost. A rogue DEA agent facing charges, they gave him the chance to be declared dead in the 9/11 tragedy and go undercover. He smelled a set up—and he was right. He jumped ship and slipped into Canada. Two years later he entered the States with a new identity. Today Max LeBlue is a computer troubleshooter living in San Francisco deep under the radar. Although a devout cynic Max has a dangerous flaw in his steel-edged exterior. He won’t turn his back on a friend… So when a global real estate developer tries to muscle Jimmy Chu to give up his Chinatown property Max steps in to help. But the enforcer ends up dead and Max finds himself running a gauntlet between a Chinese Godfather, bikers with attitude and a serial killer strangling sex workers—a desperate sprint that takes him from the underground tunnels of Chinatown to the glass towers of a corrupt corporate mogul. Suddenly he’s no longer invisible—but he’s still alone…

CHINATOWN BLUES The Page-Burning Sequel to Fog City Blues by Frank Lauria