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Celluloid Victorian Mourning Cross Pendant Necklace

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This Celluloid Victorian Mourning Cross is in very good condition. This striking piece of Victoriana also comes with a Rhodium Plated 925 Silver 22" rope chain.

We consulted Richard-Lael Lillard, an expert in Victorian mourning practice, on the piece. According to Richard-Lael:  "In traditional mourning culture, one would go through one to three years of mourning. In the first year, everything was black and nothing shiny was worn. Brooches were black metal. Or were celluloid. The second year of morning one could begin to wear a little shiny things. They could wear marcasite and some silver and a little gold. By the end of the second year, one could wear traces of color like chartreuse or burgundy. And as you approach the third year, typically one could wear whatever one wanted. Mourning practice was common in the Victorian Period but dwindled in the 20s and 30s.